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Radiator upgrade

This actually is for my dad’s 01 Bullitt but being as the Mach and the Bullitt are brothers I guess I will post about it here.

I went to get my dad’s car smogged this weekend and had quite a bit of trouble.  Part of the trouble is that the car was running WAY hot.  The guy at the station thinks the coolant temp sensor isn’t sending accurate data to the ECU and that is possible so I’ll check that out later.  The real issue is that the car is now making significantly more power then stock and the factory radiator just isn’t really keeping up.

So I went and did some research out on the internet and didn’t really find a good solution.  Mishimoto has a bad reputation on the forums and so I decided that wasn’t right.  The Fluidyne radiators had just as bad of a rep so I decided against that.  Finally I talked to one of the guys over at high flow fuel system that I know and he said he is running a Ron Davis radiator and to give them a call.  I checked the website and found that they didn’t list a direct fit for my dad’s car but I called them anyways.  Turns out they do make a direct fit.  After talking to the guy over there I had my dad order the new radiator.

I’ll add pics and details after the install.

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