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Marcus Trescothick delivers batting batting masterclass for Sky Cricket

10,236 works were thrashed by marcus Trescothick for England over the three formats – and demonstrated how he did it at a Sky Cricket Masterclass.
Even the 41-year-old, who motivated 14 hundreds from South Africa at The Oval in his 76 Tests with a best of 219, clarified playing the ball was crucial to his victory in cricket. Trescothick announced he will retire from professional cricket on Thursday at the end of their 2019 domestic season.
“I was somebody who was competitive, I wished to score runs,” he explained. “I did not want to bat daily to get a hundred, I still wished to bat daily to get 170. I had been watch ball, hit ball and tried to hit on it and under my eyes.
“I went to far in the ball with foot movement and generally whenever you are not receiving the contact you need, it is because you’re hitting the ball too premature .”
Trescothick, who clubbed 12 ODI hundreds spoke activate motions, keeping your head up and the secrets to enjoying spin.
“I could constantly sweep, that was my go-to shot, but as I played against better spinners in global cricket I needed to create and be in a position to control the ball. Because the pressure builds you don’t wish to get stuck at one end.
“You can get on one knee and then practise little faucet. Also, if you come over the cover of the ballyou can almost splat it on the ground to choose the bounce and also the spin out of it.”
Watch Marcus Trescothick masterclass, for example Tres playing the slog-sweep, at the movie near the peak of the page.

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