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Zach Ertz: USWNT celebrations helps team chemistry

Even though Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz was mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, his wife, Julie, was helping the United States women’s national soccer team put waste to Thailand, 13-0, at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France.
After Philly’s minicamp rests on Thursday, the Super Bowl winner Ertz will be linking the World Cup-winning midfielder Ertz in Gaul, reuniting American sports’ highest power bunch.
“I am excited. Obviously I wish every game was stress-free going forward,” Ertz told NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo of the United States’ opening rout. “It was quite easy to watch. But I’m thrilled.
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“I will be heading over this weekend in time for this second game on Sunday. I am just excited to go support my wife. I have seen the hard work that she’s put in those past four years getting back after a World Cup, after an Olympics. All the hardship she has faced throughout these past couple years. Just really thrilled to go over there and encourage here as a husband. … It is interesting to see her doing what she loves.”
Together with the rest of the World Cup-watching planet, the American-footballing Ertz had an opinion on the USWNT’s contentious goal parties as its direct of the overmatched Thai team grew out of control. Some commentators claimed that the U.S. girls showed poor sportsmanship in showing up Thailand by celebrating their late intentions with such glee and imagination.
Ertz was having none of that line of thinking, mentioning the Eagles’ Super Bowl run in 2017 as an illustration of the positive usage and effect of team celebrations.
“I have a lot of thoughts. I heard it. I read about it,” Ertz told Garafolo. “First idea is the first tiebreaker in the World Cup group stage is your target differential and so they would be sick to their stomach whenever they took their foot of the gas and for some reason ended second in the group based off target differential.
“The second, which is likely is the very underlining thing, when you’re on a fantastic team the best way to build team chemistry is visiting other people as happy for your achievement as they are for their very own. And viewing the girls celebrate they had been for other people’s success really I believed was critical for them long term. Because you see how near these women were getting, these women were getting.
“I believe you watched it a couple of years back with us when we were observing. We were just building that team chemistry since everybody was bonding through those moments. Everybody was seeing just how happy everyone was for another individual’s success. I think that actually speaks volumes about the camaraderie and team chemistry. So I had no problem with it obviously. I was really for it.”
En route to winning Super Bowl LII throughout the 2017 year, the Eagles were the most notable of teams using the NFL’s relaxed party principles. Philly was known for its coordinated post-touchdown antics, like acting as individual bowling pins, miming a house run, flapping together in a V formation and doing some variation of the Electric Slide. The latter celly was even awarded at the 2018 NFL Honors since the Celebration of the Year. One night later, the Eagles won the Super Bowl.
Correlation doesn’t mean causation, but it is clear and evident in this situation that celebrations, at least in the NFL, direct right to Super Bowl titles. It’s science.
The probable message from one Ertz to another when they meet in France before the USWNT’s match against Chile on Sunday? Celebrate like no one’s watching.

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