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England to reconsider walk-off in face of racism in Bulgaria

England’s players may discuss whether they ought to walk off the pitch in protest if they face abuse while playing in Bulgaria following month, Sky Sports News has learned.
UEFA has penalized bulgaria after their fans were found guilty of racist behaviour in their matches.
Because of this, England’s European Qualifier in Sofia on October 14 will probably be played facing a crowd, however, the FA and English police are making specific preparations in case similar abuse occurs during that match.
The England team had special discussions with Gareth Southgate and the FA before last summer’s World Cup about how they would respond to abuse at the championship in Russia, together with all the overwhelming consensus among the players at that point being to remain about the pitch, and make formal complaints after the game.
But with incidents of racism from the game and online having occurred frequently since then, Southgate is eager to gauge out of his squad if of drifting from the pitch in protest, their feelings have already been shifted.
A specific meeting will be held when the squad convenes so the staff and players are 100 per cent clear on how they want to respond as a group that is combined.
Following a steward heard barbarous abuse being directed by him in Raheem Sterling, A fan in the Bulgaria finish at Wembley on Saturday was ejected in the stadium.
Danny Rose, both Sterling and Callum Hudson-Odoi were exposed to racist when England played in March, and Montenegro were arranged to play their next home match Podgorica, chanting.
Meanwhile, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Romelu Lukaku and Kurt Zouma have confronted abuse either on line or in the stands during the season’s opening weeks.

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