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Artur Beterbiev stops Oleksandr Gvozdk to unify light heavyweight titles

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Russias Artur Beterbiev merged the heavyweight division with a 10th-round stoppage of Oleksandr Gvozdyk.
The 34-year-old knocked his opponent that was Ukrainian down three times at the round until the contest was ceased by referee Gary Rosato .
Beterbiev defended his International Boxing Federation crown and also captured Gvozdyks World Boxing Council belt.
This was the very first world title bout since boxer Patrick Day.
American super welterweight Day, who suffered a brain injury after being pumped from Charles Conwell in Chicago last weekend, was honoured ahead of the main event with a salute.
Beterbiev, who trains in Montreal, Canada, currently has 15 wins from 15 specialist fights after beating his previously unbeaten rival at the Liacouras Center.
His next fight will be a defence the Meng Fanlong of China, against another undefeated fighter.
Promoter Bob Arum wants to maintain that fight next year in China around the time of the Chinese New Year.
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