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Football Black List celebrates diversity, says Premier League

The Premier Leagues manager of policy, Bill Bush, claims that the Football Black List helps push diversity in the sport but acknowledges further progress is required.
Leon Mann and Rodney Hinds at 2008 created the initiative in an effort to emphasize the positive contributions made by British people in African and Caribbean backgrounds, both on and off the pitch.
A shameful donation on or off the pitch deserves to be celebrated and we would like to be part of that, Bush told Sky Sports News.
The second thing that the Black List does is obstacle – it says quite nicely but quite firmly theres lot more still to be achieved and we are so up for this.
This is not only one night in November – that is about a year-round mindset that we would like to have, informed by Dark List, driven by Black List organisers to perform a lot better.
Theres so much more to perform.
Mann sees the initiative as an chance for black youngsters to detect.
I need young black children to have a take a look at awards such as Black List and inquire,whos that, hit Google, examine our site and find out about the lawyers, physicians, community workers and those who do incredible tasks and inspire young people to get involved in football, he said.
We will then see increased diversity, and that I believe everyone in the game needs.
The achievements of the very first openly professional player, the Justin Fashanu and Benjamin Odeje, the first black player to represent England at any given level, were celebrated since they won the Keith Alexander awards for outstanding contributions to also the community along with the match.
Manchester City and England ahead Raheem Sterling was among those nominated at the Cyrille Regis Player group but it was.
Click here for additional information of the Football Black List.

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